Banners & Banner Stands

We produce banners on 4 types of media including 13 mil scrim vinyl, heavy duty 18 mil scrim vinyl, smooth lay flat vinyl and a mesh like scrim vinyl for high wind applications. We carry X-Banner, Roll Banner and backdrop banner stands for all your floor display needs.

Flag Banner

Choose from 3 different flag shapes. Tear drop, Feather or Rectangle. Sizes range from 5’ to 17’.

Choose the base that suits your needs. Each base is made of solid steel construction with bearings. They are made to last!

Banner Material

Vinyl Banner

13 mil scrim vinyl: Our everyday banner media of choice, strong and prints nicely. Suggested for short term use. Corporate or family events, tradeshows, indoor hanging or wall signage. Wind vents and edge taping will help strengthen the banner for repetitive use.

18 mil scrim vinyl: If you want more strength but do not want the lighter image you get with Mesh banner. Both 13 mil and 18 mil can have wind vents added and edge taping to reinforce the grommets. Suggested for long term use along with wind vents and edge taping.

Lay Flat Smooth Vinyl: for an unbeatable quality print with the durability of vinyl. Used in our tradeshow banner stands.

Mesh Banner: Used when you have concerns about letting the wind pass through more than the darkness of the image. Suggested for construction fences, on the side of buildings or where wind is a factor. Comes with edge taping to reinforce the grommets.

Wind vents: allow air to flow thru the banner minimizing flapping or whipping of the banner and subsequent tearing.

Edge taping: Applying a strong high tack adhesive vinyl along the edges of the banner before grommetting. Reinforces the edges so tearing at the grommets are minimized.

Installation: To protect your banner from damage, ensure all the grommets are used to secure your banner to the surface. Ask us about wind vents and edge taping for added strength. For long term use, request our 18 mil vinyl and or wind vents and edge taping.

Other Large Format Materials

We also print on photo poster paper, polypropylene film, temporary wall adhesive, adhesive vinyl, art canvas and back lit media. See large format and poster printing section.

Trade Show Display Basics

Portable Brochure Holder

Available in 4 or 8 pocket with aluminum and mesh construction. Includes a carrying case.

Telescopic Easel Stand

Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum, this stand conveniently folds for easy transport into its supplied carrying case.

Display Triangle

Made of 4mm Coroplast®. Two standard sizes are available. Small triangle – each panel is 12” high x 10’ wide. Large triangle – each panel is 18” high x 12” wide. (Custom sizes by quote)

X-Banner Kits

Aluminum Style

Made of aluminum construction, these stands are used to hold and display vinyl banners. These stands fold up into a compact size for easy transport. They hold banners 24” wide by 5′ or 6’ tall. Stands come with a mesh carrying case.

X Banner Kits - Tabletop

These stands are used to display your message on the counter. They hold banners that are 11” x 16”. They fold up to a very compact size. Great way to advertise in a small space.


These banner stands can be used indoors or outdoors. Fill base with water or sand for extra weight to avoid toppling over outdoors. Complete with two 24″x6″ banners.

Roll up Banner Stands

Roll Up Table Top Stands

The stand hold banners 24″ wide by 36″ high (or 24″ x 24″). They are great for counter display.

Table Top

These stands hold banners 11.5” wide by 16” high. They are a great counter displayer!

Roll Up Banner Kits (Premium)

Made of aluminum construction. These stands are used to hold and display vinyl banners. It holds banners 6’6″ x 33”/39”/47” and includes a carrying case.

Roll Up Banner Kit (Economizer)

Made of aluminum construction. These stands are used to hold and display vinyl banners. It holds banners 6’6″ x 24” & 33” wide” and includes a carrying case.

Halogen Light Kit: for both types (Premium / Economizer)

Shine some light on your displays with this compact light that attaches to the roll up banner stand.

Other Banner Stands

L-Style Banners

Made of aluminum construction. These stands are used to hold and display vinyl banners. They are easy to transport and setup. New modern look.

36″ W x 72″ H or 36″ W x 88″ H

Sign & Banner Hardware & Accessories

We carry a wide selection of sign and banner hardware.

90 Degree Sign Brackets

Hang your sign on most surfaces at a right angle from the wall.

Banner Wedge Clips

Add these grommets after the banner is made, for more strength or to repair torn out ones. Used instead of grommets. Removable.

Foam Core Screws

Used to screw into foam core to hang without damaging the foam core.

Coroplast® Push-In Hangers

Used to hang Coroplast by inserting into top of the sign.

Foam Core Corners

A MUST for all foam core signs. Protects the fragile edges.


Used to hang almost any substrate (Coroplast, foam core, vinyl banners etc.)

Chain Link Fence Holders

Screw onto fences to mount signs. Tamper-proof sign holders.

Power Tabs

Mounted to vinyl banners before grommeting to add extra strength to the banner from tearing. Also used to loop rope for hanging.

A-Frame Hinge Replacements

Can be purchased at any location to replace those old worn out A-frames you may have.

Poster Hangers


These Aluminum made poster hangers are available in 4 different widths, and include eyelets for hanging. Can be used to hang any length of banner.