Promote Your Business with Custom Signs in Calgary

Your business’s signage is often the first thing to make an impression on potential customers. As an effective (yet inexpensive) marketing tool, your signage should be something you can be proud of. Here at Digital Post, your local Calgary sign shop, we take pride in our ability to create signs that showcase the personality and value of your business. Create standout lawn signs, fence, parking and store front signage. We also carry a variety of A-frame holders (such as plastic Signacade frames and metal frames) that have the inserts printed on Coroplast allowing you to change up your message economically and quickly. Make us your resource when you need any of the following products:

Coroplast® Signs

These products are lightweight and easy to handle – making them the perfect product for indoor and outdoor use. We offer full colour printing directly onto Coroplast® in any size up to 48” x 120” to help you create the personalized product you need. We also print direct to foamcore®, Sintra®, polystyrene®, canvas, canvas foamcore® and Alumibond®.

A-Frame Signs

We offer PVC frames for permanent signage or choose from a selection of plastic and metal frames with replaceable sign inserts. All printed with full colour in sizes varying from 18”x24” to 32”x48” depending on the product.

Sign Holders

We offer a large selection of Sign holders that are ready for Coroplast® Printed inserts. Realestate signs, Lawn signs, Side walk signs, and Wind signs (Spring loaded).

Aluminum Signs

This product has many advantages, including its longevity. This makes it the perfect solution when you need a sign for your parking lot, building, chain link fence, or trailer. As with all our signs, we print in full colour, to give you a high quality sign.

These are printed on light-weight aluminum for inserting into A-frames or simply hanging on the wall. Change your message when you want! Used in restaurants, or for weekly meetings and events where the destination rooms would change.

We apply high tack adhesive vinyl to these boards. Great for A-Frame inserts or simply hanging on the wall. Change your message when you want! Used in restaurants, or for weekly meetings and events where the destination rooms would change.

Window Lettering/Vehicle Magnets

Vinyl Cut Lettering

Use your windows or vehicle(s) to promote your company by using vinyl graphics. The most common uses of vinyl include hours of operation and services and promotions. Remember to install these products on the outside of the glass for optimum legibility.

Vehicle Magnets

We print our quality vehicle magnets on .030 thickness magnet material. Most often, we print magnets in the size of 12”x24”, but you can select another size if you’d like. You won’t have any trouble installing or removing these products.


Printed on weather resistant adhesive vinyl, these can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Custom shapes cut to your specifications.  We offer a variety of vinyl to suit all your needs.

Standard Vinyl is perfect for everyday use on most surfaces. Also used for bumper decals, window decals, maintenance decals…

Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl for items that will be wet or greasy or surfaces that are rounded or smooth but uneven.  When you need a very long lasting decal or a decal that strongly resists removal.  Great for marking tools and equipment, helmet decals, any use that requires a more aggressive hold.

Floor Vinyl (aluminum foil decal) with a built in anti-slip rough surface that will work inside and out on smooth and concrete surfaces for up to 6 months (depending on wear).  Just vacuum or blow off the surface, clean and apply, use heat to remove.

Outdoor or indoor rough surface wall decals (aluminum foil decal) can be applied to concrete or brick walls, same material as the floor vinyl but without the rough surface.

Indoor Wall Vinyl for drywall or other smooth surfaces, very easy to remove, very light tack adhesive, just enough to hold it up.

Reflective White decals used when you need to see them in low light  or simply want them to stand out – all in full colour.

Static Cling Decals for easy removal, great for oil change decals.

Clear Adhesive Vinyl with our without a white ink base, depending on how easy you require it to be read or the effect you are looking for all in full colour.

Hint: always clean any surface prior to applying any decal with an appropriate degreaser and detergent or alcohol as suited to the surface, always test cleaners on a small area out of view if unsure.

Any volume from 1 to 1,000’s

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We also have a variety of accessory products to maximize the visibility and durability of your Calgary signs. From snap frames to foamcore edging, canvas stretching, lawn stakes, and (steel or plastic) sign holders, we’ve got what you need. Simply fill out this form to request a quote.

Sign & Banner Hardware & Accessories

We carry a wide selection of sign and banner hardware.

90 Degree Sign Brackets

Hang your sign on most surfaces at a right angle from the wall.

Banner Wedge Clips

Add these grommets after the banner is made, for more strength or to repair torn out ones. Used instead of grommets. Removable.

Foam Core Screws

Used to screw into foam core to hang without damaging the foam core.

Coroplast® Push-In Hangers

Used to hang coroplast by inserting into to top of the sign.

Foam Core Corners

A MUST for all foamcore signs. Protects the fragile edges.


Used to hang almost any substrate (coroplast, foamcore, vinyl banners etc.)

Chain Link Fence Holders

Screw onto fences to mount signs. Tamper-proof sign holders.

Power Tabs

Mounted to vinyl banners before grommeting to add extra strength to the banner from tearing. Also used to loop rope for hanging.

A-Frame Hinge Replacements

Can be purchased at any location to replace those old worn out A-frames you may have.

Portable Sign Holders

Easel with Sign

This light weight aluminum stand comes with telescopic legs extending from 17″ to 44″ high. Will hold a sign from 15″ high x 8″ wide to 30″ high x40″ wide. Will clamp media from 1/4″ thick to 1 1/2″ thick.

This powder coated steel stand will hold a sign up to 5′ high x 3′ wide. Can use multiple holders for larger signs. Size: 42″ x 12″

This powder coated steel stand will hold a sign up to 5′ high x 3′ wide. Can use multiple holders for larger signs.