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Customer Supplied Apparel


If we don't have a type of apparel you're looking for in stock, you're welcome to bring in your own. Custom printed apparel is popular for things like tradeshows and promotions, parties and celebrations, corporate events and conferences, and even custom-designed employee uniforms (have you dropped by one of our locations recently and seen ours?). Pricing includes full colour imprints, and we can work with (almost) any type of text, graphic or picture.


About our heat transfer process:

We print on a transfer sheet and then use high heat and pressure (also known as "heat press") to place the design onto your supplied apparel. We have two types of transfers available, one for white/light materials and one for coloured/dark materials; if you're unsure which transfer is right for the material you're supplying, we recommend choosing the coloured/dark transfer.


Recommended Apparel Preparation:

1. Remove all tags and size labels from clothing (except neck tag)

2. Pre-wash and hang dry


Fabric Restrictions and Other Recommendations:

As a heat press can ruin some fabrics, and we can not guarantee that certain types of fabrics will not get damaged in the production process, there are some restrictions and recommendations on the types of materials we will heat press on:

1. We strongly recommend fabrics that are 100% cotton, 100% polyester or a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend.

2. We can not do a heat press on vinyl, PVC, silk or any other fabric that will likely burn/melt/ruin the fabric when extreme heat and/or pressure is applied to it.

3. If you're unsure if the fabric you wish to heat press is suitable, we recommend you bring the material to our local production facility (4509 Manhattan Rd SE) and have our production manager take a look at it before you proceed with your order.

4. When ordering bulk quantities, if you're unsure of how the final product will turn out, we strongly recommend ordering one item as a "test" to see if you'll be happy with the results.  We also recommend ordering an extra item or two for bulk orders, just in case one doesn't work out as planned.

5. For location(s) of where the design is being placed, we are unable to heat press near/over zippers and buttons, and we don't recommend pressing near thick seams on any fabric.



We take care and due diligence when applying transfers onto customer supplied apparel, but sometimes damage outside of our control can occur.  By placing your order, you understand that Digital Post will NOT be responsible for replacing or refunding the article(s) should damage or unsatisfactory quality results occur. 


Artwork Design:

We offer 4 convenient ways to place your order. 

1.If you have already created a design, simply upload the print-ready file when you place the order on our website.

2. You can use our user-friendly Online Designer tool to design a personalized project that's ready to print.

3. Select one of our templates (if applicable) and customize it to fit your brand! You can edit the text, change the colors, upload your logo, and make additional adjustments.

4.Work with a professional graphic designer on a completely custom design.


File Preparation:

Resolution: 300 DPI

Color Mode: CMYK

File Formats: PDF


NOTE: The file you provide will be printed without proofs.