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We offer a wide selection of eco friendly pre inked rubber stamps to meet your needs.  The ink is contained in the stamp so no other ink pad is required.  These larger stamps are suitable for larger text and graphics. Used for stamping paper bags, boxes for restaurants or retai and any other non glossy surfaces.  If you don't see a size that fits your requirements, please request a quote and we can find a size that will work for you!

EOS R50 - 1-2 lines of text, 2" diameter
EOS 110 - 1-10 lines of text, 1.875" x 3.875"
EOS 115 - 1-12 lines of text, max. 50 characters per line, 2.35" x 3.15"
EOS 120 - 1-14 lines of text, max. 60 characters per line, 2.75" x 3.75"
EOS 130 - 1-18 lines of text, max. 72 characters per line, 3.5"x 4.5"
EOS 140 - 1-18 lines of text, max. 78 characters per line, 3.5" x 4.75"


Please supply files in the correct size to avoid delaying your order.

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