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Plastic A-Frame Sign Holder Heavy Duty

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Total : $320.00

Your Go-To for Signacade A-Frames in Calgary!


These heavy duty Signacade plastic A-Frame sign holders hold 24" x 36" 4 mm corrogated plastic (Coroplast) sign inserts. These signs are durable and designed to easily and economically replace your message when needed. Use for side walk advertising, "in-your-neighbourhood" signage, directional signage or tradeshow signage to name a few. They attract attention and inform potential customers of your business offerings. 



1. Commercial grade plastic with locking hinge when opened to increase stability on awkward terrain and windy conditions.

2. Holds 24" x 36" signs.

3. Available in White or Black. Default is white.

4. Can be filled with sand or water for stability.

5. Indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe.

6. Have extra sign inserts with a variety of promotions to easily change when you want to.