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Shape Cut Vehicle Magnets

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Magnetic signs are a temporary sign option that allows for easy application for when a sign is needed, and an even easier removal for when the sign is not. OR for when you need a sign on a ferromagnetic surface (a surface a magnet can 'stick' to) and don’t want to use a more permanent, adhesive option. Printed high quality, in full colour, and on a 0.030 thick magnet material; these signs are extremely versatile and durable, waterproof, UV safe, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These custom cut magnets with unique shapes and sizes are designed to stand out and draw in a crowd, giving you “an edge” when it comes to advertising and getting noticed.


Commonly used by courier drivers, construction companies, and various small businesses (on vehicle doors for advertising), in warehouses (on steel warehouse racking and doors), and inside/outside of industrial buildings (for steel bay doors, steel doors and walls, etc.), but these magnets can be used on any ferromagnetic surface you can think of.


NOTE: Custom shapes are only available in a limited amount of size options.


1. Circle (only available in 23" x 23")

2. Circle/Flat Combo (only available in 23" x 23")

3. Oval (not available in 23" x 23")

4. Oval/Flat Combo

5. Octagon (stop sign shape)

6. Leaf (not available in 23" x 23")

7. Van (not available in 17" x 23" or 23" x 23")

8. Cupcake (only available in 23" x 23")

9. Baby Bottle (not available in 17" x 23" or 23" x 23")

10. Beer Stein (not available in 11" x 23" or 23" x 23")

11. Arrow (not available in 23" x 23")

12. House (not available in 23" x 23")

13. Yard Sign (only available in 23" x 23")

14. Cloud (not available in 23" x 23")

15. Circle Banner (only available in 23" x 23")

16. Custom 


Artwork Design:

We offer 4 convenient ways to place your order. 

1.If you have already created a design, you can upload the print-ready file to our website and we'll handle the printing and assembly for you.

2. You can use our user-friendly Online Designer tool to design a personalized project that's ready to print.

3. Select one of our templates (if applicable) and customize it to fit your brand! You can edit the text, change the colors, upload your logo, and make additional adjustments.

4.Work with a professional graphic designer on a completely custom design.



File Preparation:

Resolution: 300 DPI

Color Mode: CMYK

File Formats: PDF


NOTE: The file you provide will be printed without proofs.

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